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Photo Gallery, 2013 PSP Chicago Open

Photo Gallery, 2013 PSP Chicago Open


We’ve put together a preview of some of the amazing photos from the 2013 PSP Chicago Open being held at CPX Sports Park, Joliet, Illinois.

For more photos please visit: http://www.paintballphotography.com

Gary Baum

Gary Baum is one of the most familiar faces in tournament and scenario paintball in the world. He is one of the few paintball photographers that photograph every aspect of the sport from paintball scenarios to major international tournaments. Based in Southern California, he has been involved in Paintball for over 25 years. Gary Baum has photographed all types of paintball events all over North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. He was one of the pioneers of paintball photography and is the owner of the largest paintball photography web site http://www.paintballphotography.com. His photos have appeared in all the major paintball publications and media.

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