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Update: Houston Heat to Play NPPL Vegas

Update: Houston Heat to Play NPPL Vegas

Photo: Helen E. Grose

UPDATE: (7:28 PM EST 9/25/12) We’ve just gotten word that Heat has picked up Los Angeles Ironmen’s Tokahe Hamil (#17, Front; 56 PBA rank) and Indianapolis Mutiny’s Tommy O’Donnell to play in Las Vegas.

BREAKING NEWS: Social Paintball’s Israel Lagares has confirmed with Randy Smith, owner of Houston Heat, that Houston Heat will be attending the 2012 NPPL Vegas tournament.

The team has not yet released an official statement, but we are carefully following the situation as it is likely that they will adjust their roster to fill out the full 7-man roster. Also in question is snake player Chad George who has ties to current NPPL team, Edmonton Impact. As more information is made available we will let you know!

Lawrence Abernathy

I have been involved in paintball since 2003 and writing for Social since 2012. My passion in the sport lies in the analysis of the game and how we talk about it. You can read more of my writing on Sbnation.com's Garnet and Black Attack.

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