Stick Tech - Planet Eclipse Etek3 vs Dangerous Power FX
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Stick Tech – Planet Eclipse Etek3 vs Dangerous Power FX

In this installment, sticktodrum puts the Planet Eclipse Etek3 and the Dangerous Power FX paintball markers (guns) side by side to see the features and aesthetics of each.

  • ryan hedden

    great side by side comparison! thanks i was looking into both of these guns

  • Andy

    Good overview, thanks for the help.

  • Daniel Knowles

    Both guns are awesome, I own the Etek 3 lt I love it. Great gun great price, fantastic results on the field

  • Nick Pagendarm

    Your gun reviews and comparisons have really helped me decide what gun to get to get into the speedball portion of paintball. Looking into the 2012 dye reflex rail blue/clear. Would be interested in a side by side comparison of the new 2012 reflex and the axe. Thanks Mario!

  • Josue Gamez

    Whats a dangerous paintball gun im new to this? are they actulley dangerous or more rapid ?

    • kevin hasem

      Dangerous Power its just the brand name they are not dangerous at all, and yes they are fast

  • AZballer

    DP sucks! BIG TIME! Crap guns. Do not buy!

  • Jacob Haycraft

    Awesome Review guys