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Friday Report – 2012 NPPL DC Challenge

The National Professional Paintball League brings the 3rd of 4 national events to Pev’s Paintball Park in an unincorporated village known as Aldie, located between Gilbert's Corner and Middleburg in Loudoun County, Virginia. The closest major airport to Pev’s is Dulles International Airport, located...

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Paintball Has Survived

It has been a tough few years for paintball. The current class of young pro players remembers how, five short years ago, Oliver Lang was signing a contract worth six figures, paintball was on both Spike TV and ESPN, PSP’s World Cup was still at...

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Life On the D Block

Getting older has its benefits. Money, respect, authority and responsibility come with the territory. The drawback is that there are obligations to meet that you just can’t let go of without serious consequences. This past event I spent my time away from the grown ups...

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