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C.E.P. Finds Winning Combination

When Chattanooga C.E.P. came onto the professional scene a few years ago, the question on everyone's mind was “who the heck are these guys? What's their history? Will they belong?” Three years later, we thought we had the answers to these questions, but after the...

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Houston Heat Stumbles

Fresh off a World Cup victory, expectations soaring, the reigning World Champions, Houston Heat, traveled within their “home state” of Texas to Dallas, and failed. From the first game, against a lowly Chattanooga C.E.P., the team looked out of sync and lacked the fluidity of...

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Year of the Dragon?

Although the 2012 year was the start of the official “Year of the Dragon”, according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, and we are well into the “Year of the Snake,” it seems that San Diego Dynasty got the memo twelve months too late. The 2012...

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