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Update: Houston Heat to Play NPPL Vegas

[caption id="attachment_7793" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo: Helen E. Grose"][/caption]UPDATE: (7:28 PM EST 9/25/12) We've just gotten word that Heat has picked up Los Angeles Ironmen's Tokahe Hamil (#17, Front; 56 PBA rank) and Indianapolis Mutiny's Tommy O'Donnell to play in Las Vegas. BREAKING NEWS: Social Paintball's Israel...

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Facefull magazine

Facefull Magazine on Hiatus

BREAKING NEWS: Facefull Magazine has officially announced that they have ceased operation for the forseeable future. Within the statement, Facefull magazine states that: "In 2010, the magazine was forced to re-evaluate its business model, merging both Jungle and Facefull into a slimmer publication and cutting...

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