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Rali Ivanova – Social Paintball Paintmate

This is Rali Ivanova. Say hello to her for us: https://www.facebook.com/RalIvanova and http://raliivanova.com. Paintmates on FB: https://www.facebook.com/paintmates A Social Paintball Paintmate is a female model featured on Social Paintball. We bring the model to the field and get her geared up to play paintball. They are not...

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Writers Block

We are almost done. You've always heard and read about the grind that paintball players go through from the divisional level up to the pros. It's usually accompanied with some inspirational music and leaves you feeling good about getting up to drive to practice the...

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Photo by Phillip "Stretch" Baker

Is the Dream Over?

[caption id="attachment_7670" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Photo by 1904 Photography"][/caption]The most dominant, storied, respected team in paintball appears to be in shambles. Dynasty has made the top four podium but twice in seven events this season. They have gotten blown out 0-7 in two straight PSP tournaments...

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2012 PSP MAO: Aftermath

Only four teams out of over one hundred playing the event escape this feeling, these doubts, these questions. They creep up as you take off your jersey and pads and throw it all in the gearbag, before you sit in a shady spot, covered in...

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