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Lakeland Paintball Venue Faces Code Issues

County officials say business didn't meet deadline to install buffering. Tom Palmer of The Ledger is reporting, that Polk County officials are poised to cite Central Florida Paintball for code violations after the business failed to make improvements required by the project's development approval. Central Florida Paintball,...

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A Good Time to Get Away

Now, this was a happy football team. And Friday morning? Well, around the Jaguars, this was one morning when a hundred or so otherwise serious men didn’t much mind getting fooled. This was the scene at the Florida Blue Health and Wellness Center Practice Fields adjacent to...

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The Christian Lon Charity Paintball Event

[caption id="attachment_5344" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Christian Lon"][/caption]Destiny Paintball will be hosting The Christian Lon Charity Paintball Event May 5-6, 2012, at Extreme Rage Paintball Park of Fort Myers, Florida. This charity is being held In an effort to raise money for the MPS Society, a charity...

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Life On the D Block

Getting older has its benefits. Money, respect, authority and responsibility come with the territory. The drawback is that there are obligations to meet that you just can’t let go of without serious consequences. This past event I spent my time away from the grown ups...

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Confessions of a Paintball Cameraman

Inspired by “Confessions of a Graphic Designer” I recently reblogged, I just had to share something similar with the paintball community. While they are rather blunt, I think it’s definitely necessary for both paintball competitors and paintball photographers/videographers to understand each other. I started playing...

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Dangerous Power Goes Milsim

From the depths of their dankest laboratories the mad scientists of Dangerous Power have been hard at work to make the milsim crowd happy campers, er ballers. Long known for their G3 platform and making some of the most well-known markers out there, they are...

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Back to Basics

Since this is my first article for Social Paintball, I might as well start out with our sport’s fundamentals. One of the problems we seem to have is an acute shortage of people who really know what they are doing, leastwise in terms of being...

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Marine Corps Secret Scenario

[caption id="attachment_2905" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Photo by Pvt. Victor Barrera"][/caption]The Marine Corps is hosting a top secret scenario game tomorrow at the Sportsman's Lodge on the outskirts of Jacksonville, N.C. Well the game itself is not a secret but the theme to the scenario is. The...

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