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Tippmann, GI, and 50 cal

In a series of recent interviews with John Amodea of PaintballX3, a few high powered people in paintball mentioned "50 cal", or 50 caliber paintballs - opposed to the traditional .68caliber rounds currently used. Normally, we would find the comments nothing more than a fly...

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5 Reasons WCA 2012 Rocked

Just concluded last weekend was the PALS World Cup Asia 2012 – inarguably the largest and grandest paintball tournament in Asia, and possibly one of the most anticipated paintball tournaments in the world. The list of what made the WCA 2012 freakishly awesome is long, but...

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2012 PSP MAO: Aftermath

Only four teams out of over one hundred playing the event escape this feeling, these doubts, these questions. They creep up as you take off your jersey and pads and throw it all in the gearbag, before you sit in a shady spot, covered in...

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Paintball Has Survived

It has been a tough few years for paintball. The current class of young pro players remembers how, five short years ago, Oliver Lang was signing a contract worth six figures, paintball was on both Spike TV and ESPN, PSP’s World Cup was still at...

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