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Keith DeVit Jr. to Heat, Bortol Slams

Keith DeVit Jr. to Heat, Bortol Slams

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“Make Moves” should be the characterization of the 2014 PSP offseason because another change has been made involving Keith DeVit, #19 from Omaha Vicious, who will now be incorporated into the Houston Heat organization for 2014.

The twenty six year old, front player is excited for this change as he told fans on Houston Heat’s website yesterday (January 21, 2014):

“I can’t wait to hit the field using the amazing GI Sportz gear and paint, and getting back into a Raza jersey just feels like coming back home,” said DeVit. “I also can’t wait to get a Luxe in my hands and take advantage of having the best shooting gun in paintball. Look out for Houston Heat in 2014!! I do want to thank Vicious for everything they have done for me and I wish them all the best for the 2014 season.”

Although it seems DeVit broke the engagement with Vicious on amicable terms, Karen Bortol – the Vicious “Team Mom”, and jack-of-all-trades – did not respond with such enthusiasm, slamming DeVit’s playing abilities by referencing his overall PBA ranking of 106, and the media, by posting on a popular forum:

“Why does everyone care so much about a player who is ranked in the 100+ catagory? (sic) Is there a shortage of pro players? In years past would we have even heard about a lot of these players switching teams? Would pro teams have even thought about picking up players who were not in the top 30?”

Mrs. Bortol also commented that she will be “Getting a red jersey back, or enforcing a contract.” For those of you who don’t know, Vicious has a tradition that involves the team wearing specially made “Red Sunday” jerseys for when the team makes the Sunday cut. Bortol clarified herself by stating that the Red Sunday jerseys are not owned by the players, but are leased to them by the team and are required to be returned. In another statement Bortol states that she “called it [the move] in October”, and that she can “Hardly wait to see how this gets spun”, implying there is much more to the story than what is on the surface.

Nonetheless, these inflammatory remarks are sure to be taken with mixed reviews.

When asked about the hasty remark, DeVit replied:

“Honestly I really have nothing to say about that; I just want to move forward and focus on my new team”.

Mrs. Bortol was kind enough to engage in discussion with us on our Facebook page. Here is her statement:

No one know what happens behind the scenes. Keith was used as an example of players going to other teams. I never said he played bad, I never said he won’t do well on Heat. I do believe he is with a team that fits his personality. The point being made was that in year’s past, you would have never have heard about these moves about lower ranked players, but this year every player that moves seems to be getting press. It was not a personal slam against Keith. I do believe when we give our word, we always make good on our prmoses.”

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Israel L.

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  • dfdsfsf
    January 23, 2014

    Keith is a Fantastic player who never was given a decent chance to shine. It seems like vicious’ ego is getting larger and larger yet they play worse and worse.

  • Pate G. Smith
    January 23, 2014

    Isn’t “slams” a little harsh of a word. I mean “slams” would be appropriate if she openly spoke in a demeaning manor about the player. I personally think using the word “slams” calls to question the author’s artisitic integredy for the hopes of getting page hits.

    I realize not everyone is a gifted word smith but wouldn’t a more appropriate title be something along the lines of

    “Devit to Heat, Bortol comments”????

    • qwerty
      January 23, 2014

      No. That would require “journalism” to not sensationalize a topic.

  • Billy Bernacchia
    January 23, 2014

    I don’t normally comment on these but Wow,….Everyone knows the saying (Money doesn’t buy happiness), Here’s a prime example of it. Why even make a comment like that, Just to make yourself feel better about the situation… It’s just paintball. Like most other players, Keith didn’t fit into this “program”. And maybe he is a low ranked player right now but at least he had the guts to try and make a move to create new opportunities. So good for you Keith, you made the right move.
    Yeah maybe the media “exaggerated” this topic, but take it from someone whose been through it, its all bs with her. She does a fantastic job promoting her team, but an even better job at making people feel like crap.
    So continue your passive aggressive comment go ahead an start the I hate Billy threads, and Keith sucks chants if it makes you happy. Cause in the end were both happy kids who just flat out love playing paintball and feeling like were on top of the world, And not going to let anyone make us feel otherwise.

    • Db
      January 23, 2014

      Billy don’t pretend like you really know vicious. You played for what 1 tournament with them? What other personal contact have you had?

      From what I have read, no one ever ever said Keith sucks or I hate Billy. Everyone blows things up for no reason to promote controversy.

      I can see how people are reading it negatively but I do not believe that was the intent. She was using Keith as an example of a situation, not the butt of some attack.

      You say passive aggressive. I say the recipient of said behavior can’t be 100% innocent. We all don’t know what goes on internally in their organization. Who knows if there was something that happened. I am sure there is a lot more to Pro programs than we all know.

      You are coming off as some victim and let’s get serious, that isn’t the case. If it is just paintball why do you care so much to make a big deal? Focus on your own team and don’t worry about other people. That is just a life lesson in general.

      You’re right…. It is JUST paintball.

      No one takes the time to hear multiple sides of a story. They believe everything they read or are told by people who have nothing better to do than to gossip.

      Mrs. Bortol has always been nice when I have come across her at at events over the years. You say it is all bs but she seems like a pretty genuine person to me. You can’t fault a team owner for having an opinion just like I can’t fault you for having having yours.

      With that that said, I wish Keith, vicious, and and even you Billy success in the new season. With all these roster roster change ups it will make for a compelling year.

  • Knowledge Dropper
    January 24, 2014

    Apparently Ms. Bortol doesn’t hold herself to the same standards as her players. Classless move to say anything negative at all about a player moving to a better team for a better deal. Vicious will NEVER be a successful team under it’s current management. Good luck working with this Tizzle

  • lil teej
    January 24, 2014

    I feel for the Bortols, but this is what the industry needs. If an NBA trade goes down, even if its a top 150 player, you hear about it. Let’s move the sport forward

  • Randy
    January 24, 2014

    another fine example of how heat tears teams apart with money. F**k Houston Heat. that team is a joke. They don’t deserve their victories unlike teams like infamous, dynasty, xfactor…..teams that don’t have to buy they’re trophies. and go out of their way to take teams 3 superstars all in one grab. paintball is becoming a joke. what ever happened to “heart?” their needs to be a salary cap.

  • j
    January 26, 2014

    if this wasn’t a money offer, do heat pros earn and real reportable income, like a real W-2 or 1099 cause what would make a player move if there is no incentive for them to move if they were happy playing paintball, after all if you love paintball you are happy no matter what team you are on, Right????

  • Oh8oh
    March 16, 2014

    Heat did bad in Dallas vicious made playoffs hahahahahahhah

  • Zach Feem
    March 29, 2014

    Honestly? Bryan’s mom needs to calm down. Keith is his own person and saw a opportunity to join H.H . Shes freaking out over a jersey like a little girl…..

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