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5 Answers from the PSP West Coast Open

5 Answers from the PSP West Coast Open


Just a couple of weeks ago the PSP concluded their first annual West Coast Open at Riverside, California, which also brought conclusions to our 5 story lines to watch for. Here is our analysis of what happened:

5. The Race is tightening for the top! Coming into the event the race was tight, but with Dynasty’s struggles, it is now even tighter. Tampa Bay Damage and San Diego Dynasty should have a tight lead in the overall series standings when they are released, with Houston Heat and Edmonton Impact narrowly behind.

4. Will the bottom 2 fend off the top 2? Of course not! Welcome back to the best division in paintball Upton 187 cRew and Chicago Aftershock; and thanks for playing Trenton and Omaha – you just couldn’t make the cut. Out of all that, can anybody else really believe that Chicago Aftershock made the Champs division for WORLD CUP?

3. Will the New Jersey Jesters be able to put together an event? Nope. Not this time.

2. Zach Wake in D1? Well, the numbers aren’t out on stats for D1, but it doesn’t seem that his presence helped much. Chicago Infamous went 1-2-1 on the weekend, missing finals completely.

1. Can Dynasty put it away? Man, I’d love to say that they did, but they couldn’t. A colossal lapse in focus by Glenn Takemoto caused the team to miss out on finals as they tied with Houston Heat. This swiftly put their season in jeopardy.

Lawrence Abernathy

I have been involved in paintball since 2003 and writing for Social since 2012. My passion in the sport lies in the analysis of the game and how we talk about it. You can read more of my writing on Sbnation.com's Garnet and Black Attack.

  • Pat
    August 28, 2013

    thats dumb to say Glenn lapsed in focus. it was either go for the win or go for overtime. Glenn did the smart thing went for the overtime b/c if he would have blown that 1 v 1 then it was game over heat would have won as a whole the team messed up by not winning the overtime point.

    • Trevor
      August 28, 2013

      exactly, and neither him or chad wanted to do that. they were thinking the same exact thing.

  • dude
    August 28, 2013

    1. to say dynasty has collapsed when they have 2 first places 1 fifth place and a second place out of 4 tournaments, is just completely unheard of.
    2. glenn dropping the ball? Did you? What???? seriously?? wow……..he played that one on one perfectly and probably could have won if he had more time. they’ve almost played as good as heat did last year.
    3. shock making champions surprising??? ummm,,,no…. they have beaten all the pro teams in their division such as cep, thunder, xsv, and tontons. considering they are mainly using boom players with a couple pros on their roster, they are only going to get better. i’ll give it 1 more year, and then after that, they will be starting to make top 4 again. that team is only going to get INSANELY better.
    4. honestly, wake hasn’t been good since 08-2010.
    5. I can’t believe you guys let this article be published, with poor assumptions, lack of claim, and saying a team like dynasty has struggled. occasionally, a great team will miss the finals…wtf is this?

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