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Video: Paintball Real Talk w/ Joey Blute, Ep. 1

Video: Paintball Real Talk w/ Joey Blute, Ep. 1

Paintball Real Talk is a new segment we’ll be producing where we sit down with someone in the paintball industry and ask them questions provided by the fans. All we ask is that they keep it real and not sugarcoat their responses. There is already enough of that in this industry and it’s time someone started keeping it real.

In this episode we sit down with Joey Blute, Manager of Tampa Bay Damage.

There are very few people in the paintball industry that are not afraid to speak their mind, we’ll be finding those people.

Leave your question below in the comments to have it answered in a future episode.

Israel L.

I am the founder of Social Paintball. I've been a fan of the sport and admired paintball players for years. Together with my awesome team of producers and contributors, we produce a wide variety of paintball media. Stick around and let us know what you think.

  • MercSquad36
    May 1, 2013

    What can we do as a community to make the sport bigger and better than ever before? I just found the sport a year ago and have been wanting to help with the growth and national support.. on a grand scale..

  • Jake
    May 1, 2013

    do you think aftershock can rebuild this season? Do you think PBA can make it on pay-per-view TV? Do you think people can still build home grown teams like Tampa Bay Damage and X Factor? yes CEP, 187 and vicious all fought their way up but they are the bottom feeders of the pro division and none have won an event. Yes heat was new and had 3 rookies but were mostly veterans fed up with their old teams.

  • Bobby
    May 6, 2013

    The PSP has been growing so much since it was founded. Since there are so many other leagues affiliated with the PSP, the standards are becoming more and more universal. Rather than ponder on the idea of one format (and the argument that results from it), will there be more focus on best standards and practices to build those teams that are focusing on one league? (With focus on budgets, staffing, practices, scheduling).

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