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2013 CFPS Event 2 Photos and Scores

2013 CFPS Event 2 Photos and Scores


Over the weekend the Sunshine State hosted the 2nd Event of the Central Florida Paintball Series. 74 Teams across 4 divisions met in Lakeland, Florida to compete at Central Florida Paintball park to take home $3,650 in cash prizes and 9 cases of paint. Through two days of intense action teams battled and fought for their chance to play on Sunday, and the few teams that did would continue their struggle for the prize. RNT AlLLSTARZ KIDZ, Total Karnage PBW, WFC2, and Total Karnage Blue took home the king’s share. While Palm Beach Vipers, Supremacy, D.N.R.,and Revolution Blue were able to come away with the 2nd place prizes.

Division 3:
1. Total Karnage BLK
3. Dirty Old Snakes
4. Papa Squat

Division 4:
1. Total Karnage PBW
4. Papa Squat Brown

Division 5:
1. Palm Beach Viper Kids
2. D.N.R.
3. Action Paintball Factory
4. Total Karnage Kids

Division 6:
2. Outrageous Kids
3. Banjo Bandits
4. Revolution Green

We will be releasing a video of the event soon. For now, here are some photos of the event by our very own Patricia Pineda:

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