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Breaking News: Tampa Bay Damage Pulls Out of NPPL, Will Only Play PSP in 2013

Tampa Bay Damage PSP, No NPPL

Breaking News: Tampa Bay Damage Pulls Out of NPPL, Will Only Play PSP in 2013

Tampa Bay Damage PSP, No NPPLAfter multiple successful seasons playing both U.S. professional paintball leagues, Tampa Bay Damage has announced that they will not be playing in the NPPL this season.

The team will instead focus all of their efforts on playing the PSP.

Joey Blute, Manager, posted the following statement on the team’s Facebook page:

[quote]”We have decided to discontinue playing in the NPPL. We will instead put all of our energy into winning in the PSP.

We want to thank our fans and sponsors for all of the support.”[/quote]

Sources tell us that a handful of the Tampa Bay Damage players will be playing in the NPPL and CXBL as free agents with other teams. We are told that while they are free to guest on teams in other leagues, the PSP is the top priority and will dictate any decision making with regards to scheduling and practices.

Our sources have also stated that Damage is not the only team that will be foregoing play in the NPPL. There are at least three other teams that will not be playing in the NPPL pro division that played in it last season.

With Damage and other pro teams deciding to leave the NPPL, albeit for this season, what will this void mean for the quality of play in the NPPL pro bracket? Better yet, what happens to those pro spots?

Israel L.

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  • Thank god
    January 17, 2013

    Thank god they did why many of the other Pros should have done years ago.

  • Trevor The great
    January 17, 2013

    who are the other teams?

  • Grant
    January 24, 2013

    personally i think there should be only one league anyhow. (between NPPL and PSP)
    PSP is way more entertaining, and a lot more fun format to play.
    i say they take the NPPL out of the mix and PSP can book those venues that the NPPL used. So we would essentially have more events in a season, and maybe come up with a playoff system so the truly best teams compete at World Cup. (no disrespect but CEP and 187 cRew shouldnt have been at world cup. they were the teams everyone beat up on. i say you need to earn your PSP world cup spot!)
    But i think PSP Huntington Beach would be cool! or PSP Vegas!

  • Chris Marshall
    January 29, 2013

    Great news! Glad another team left NPPL for PSP. After reading all the crap NPPL did to independent film companies years ago, its hard for me to ever give respect to their name.

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