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Video: Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) Paintball Gun – Overview and Disassembly

Video: Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) Paintball Gun – Overview and Disassembly

I received a DYE DAM in the mail recently and it’s awesome. Here I give an overview of the brand-new Dye DAM (Dye Assault Matrix) paintball gun that is magfed, First Strike Capable, and full auto. I then disassemble it to show how light weight it can be for speedball matches. It isn’t the first magfed marker on the market, or the first one to be able to shoot First Strike rounds, or the first one that did Full-Auto First Strike rounds, but it is the first the one to do it all. It’s the closest to the being the one paintball gun to rule them all. Allowing for multiple styles of paintball to be played with one gun: speedball, scenario, milsim, magfad, woodsball, and rec ball. Plus, it also looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

For more information visit: http://shop.dyetactical.com/tac_am/dam-dark-earth.html

From the Dye DAM Tactical website:

[quote]The Dye Assault Matrix was built from the ground up to be the ultimate product for tactical players. We wanted to provide the industry with a stunning tactical marker that gives users the performance of a high-end tournament marker, as well as the aesthetics and features that tactical players need to thrive on the battlefield. The DAM™ has the ability to switch from a Magazine Fed system to a Loader Fed system with the flip of a switch, it can seamlessly change firing modes (semi, three round burst, full auto), comes standard with Picatinny rails for accessorizing, a gas-through frame, an easily maintainable bolt with a quick release system and built in hyper regulator, clamping feedneck, competition-style single trigger frame, Dye Tactical Sticky Grips, and much more. The Dye Assault Matrix delivers the perfect combination of performance and versatility, catering to all styles of play and giving users that edge on the scenario field that only Dye can provide. The weight of the DAM™ is 4.76 lbs without the clip.[/quote]

Justin Hafford

Justin a.k.a "Sqyire" is a Maineiac Paintball player and produces videos for Social Paintball. He loves to play, but is a recballer and is frequently seen exploring, failing, or sometimes succeeding at different aspects of the sport. Just a regular guy, trying to do what he can to get the word out.

  • Peter
    November 24, 2012

    great gun!

  • Liam
    November 26, 2012

    This video just doesn’t seem to do the product any justice, and is rendered unintelligible bordering on worthless by the guy’s over-excited enthusiasm. The review from HusslePaintball seems to be a better, and more detail than just a fanboy unboxing.

    Its educated, easy to understand without dumbing anything down, good closeups to show what is being done, (especially the bolt/engine) and still enthusiastic without seeming overly excited or speeding up speech or movement. Full break down of the gun for maintenance and functionality, plus a thorough look at the modes and FirstStrike or .68cal rounds AND DEMOS of firing the gun in all firing modes and both round types.
    Well thought out and organized goes a long way especially when you want to showcase a product. “Sqyire” should take notes and learn a thing or two, just saying…

      • Liam
        November 27, 2012

        Hey, I hear ya. I’m excited for the gun too. (I’m a Dye fan myself) Just giving my honest critique and opinion. Better is better is better, and if you want to compare this video to a group that did the product its due justice; alright, whatever helps you sleep at night, some people just can’t take criticism or hearing they could/should make improvements. (Not buying your claim that Hustle is asking *you* for advice/tips, btw, I can’t see how they would find any value with this as an example. But more power to ya, bro.) I was merely offering some suggestions/comparisons. No hate here and certainly didn’t claim any sort of “competition.” (It would be no contest if I had, IMHO, which why I didn’t despite not every having it cross my mind.)

        I can understand a shortage of money, or a lack of staff. But there’s always a group of people somewhere willing to help for nothing more than a meal or a beer (called “friends,” “family,” “team mates”) usually you need only ask, and if you need money for production there’s Kickstarter.
        As for me, I’ll be holding onto my money in the off-season for practice, paint, and some new gear- as Santa usually comes in the form of my wallet. I’m a college student with bills and expenses the same as any other (if not more) that likes to play an expensive sport, I’m sure you can understand.

        Again, no hate over here, just saying. Best of luck to you on your next vid, maybe I’ll make another swing by. Take care.

          • Liam
            November 27, 2012

            Woah, I never called anyone a liar! I just said I didn’t believe what you had said. My apologies, I didn’t know such sensitive people played or had any interest in paintball…

            I saw and read Ethan and Jay’s comments, they showed up *after* I posted my response. So I am clearly mistaken by not believing you. I am well aware of what Hustle did/does with their time and resources, and I can respect what you’re doing on yours. Sure, there is a clear difference from what happens when one guy shoots a solo video or when there’s a team working on it and tasks/roles are delegated, whether there’s as much “flavor” in the opening like Hustle did or not. A shoestring budget or no budget at all makes things a little more than difficult.
            So my legitimate apologies for sounding like I didn’t/don’t respect what has been done here. While both being established and yet still up-and-coming as paintball is, it needs all the help it can get and everyone has to offer. Again, I only intended to help by stating that improvements could be made, but it is most evident that wasn’t what was perceived or wanted in this case. Sure, maybe I could’ve been more clear, obvious, and constructive in my comments, but it isn’t exactly rocket science how to shoot a decent video that both shows an objectionable and excited perspective while still being informative and showcasing a product in this instance.

            Let me make myself clear, I sincerely offer my most humble apologies that any and everything I have said here was taken more maliciously than I have intended. Next time, I’ll keep my opinions to myself and my mouth shut…

            I know I’m looking forward to the semester break so I can get out and play, hopefully you can get out and enjoy the off-season as much as I will. Cheers.

  • Ethan James Hall
    November 27, 2012

    I'm glad you liked our video, but something I'd like to put into perspective for people is the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to do a quality video.

    It took us 71 man hours and about 12K worth of gear to produce our video. Gear aside, there's NO WAY that any one person of our staff could have pulled that off by themselves outside of their FULL TIME job (obviously, the multi-person intro would be impossible with just 1 person 😉 ), but the fact that Sqyire donates his time and talent to help out an organization like Social Paintball is… truly incredible. I can assure you that if we had to do all of our videos outside of our job… Hustle Paintball just wouldn't have a channel, and we wouldn't have videos. I consider us VERY fortunate to be able to do what we are able to do, and it's absolutely been made possible by help from people like Justin and Israel.

    Next time, I'd encourage everyone to try and be constructive with your criticism of Justin, who is "Just a regular guy, trying to do what he can to get the word out." I appreciate what the whole crew @ Social Paintball does – it is HARD work, and often, thankless. 😐

  • Jay Mead
    November 27, 2012

    Funny, I was just asking Sqyire last week about chromakey techniques, since he obviously knows more than we do and in fact, the weekly paintball new segment he does is one of the only other paintball videos I watch at all.
    And he does it…

    By himself.
    For free.

    Like he said, the paintball video world is a small one and for the most part, it’s all about collaboration, not competition.

    While I am the main video guy here at Hustle, if it wasn’t for Ethan, Trevor, Jeff, Russ, Erik and Jason, we wouldn’t be able to do any videos at all.

  • Oldskool74
    December 3, 2012


    The old saying, “Put Up or Shut Up” comes to mind! If you think you have a better way to produce a video, why don’t you show us what you’ve got. Apply your “improvements” to the videos your put together… Oh right, you haven’t!
    Here’s a *friendly* suggestion to help you improve as a *human*; “Lead, Follow, or get out of the Way”!
    –Sqyire, keep up the good work! It’s great to see someone so psyched about our chosen past time!

  • Bluey Care Bears
    December 16, 2012

    I for one enjoy what Sqyire gives and to be honest look forward to every vid he does,
    Most of all I just love the enthusiasm and Passion that always comes across, I for one Know that without the Passion within Paintball , you`ve got Nothing !! although My words don`t count for much, I would say = Mate !!! Don`t Change a thing.

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