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Did You Get the Memo? Social Paintball Sure Did…From KEE Action Sports!

Did You Get the Memo? Social Paintball Sure Did…From KEE Action Sports!

While going along our usual day to day, wait…is there such a thing as “usual” at Social Paintball?  Anyway, we came across some correspondence from our friends at KEE Action Sports that I found rather shocking.  With their permission, we share it with you, our readers.

“Media Partner,

It is important that I inform you of a marketing change at KEE Action Sports. Effective immediately, Jason A. Taitano, Vice President of Marketing, is no longer with KEE Action Sports. Starting today, I will be your main contact for all KEE Action Sports business including marketing for Empire, JT Paintball, and JT SplatMaster. I will be working directly with John Robinson who is also copied to this e-mail. Please feel free to contact him in the event that I’m out of the office or unavailable.

I look forward to working closely with all of you to continue the growth of our sport and brand.


Scott D. Quarles
Marketing Manager
KEE Action Sports, LLC.”

Wow!  What’s going on at KEE Action Sports?  Somebody definitely took action!  Best wishes to Scott Quarles, Marketing Manager of KEE Action Sports, LLC.  It is our sincerest hope that this is a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Marjee Clark

Social Paintball Editor and Official Sportswriter for Russian Legion, unquestionably equivalent to a paintballing, downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, sticker making, sports reporting Martha Stewart all hopped up on Red Bull. Hold Fast!

  • Charlton White
    November 9, 2012

    Wonder if this had anything to do with how they fell asleep and lost Sponsorship for Dynasty Team to HK army???

    It would seem other Companies are Huging their Sponsoree’s and Empire was like.. Whatever.. where are bigger take it or leave it…

    Or is it just me?

  • Joey Castle
    November 9, 2012

    Wonder if it has anything to do with them ignoring ppl @ trade shows and big games….

  • Raye Peneber
    November 9, 2012

    Scott Q is one of the chillest PBN mods. You may remember him from the MDT.

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