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Video: WCPPL 2012 – Event 3, Oceanside, CA

Video: WCPPL 2012 – Event 3, Oceanside, CA

West Coast Paintball Players League’s third event of the season (WCPPL E3) took place on July 21 and 22nd at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park in Oceanside, CA. The WCPPL is a paintball league that caters to divisional paintball players on the West Coast of the United States. Social Paintball was on hand to film the event. Filmed and edited by our newest videographer, Joel Pitra.

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▪ https://twitter.com/#!/SamLaxtonDJ
▪ http://www.youtube.com/SamLaxtonTV

Sam Laxton – Infiltrate MUSIC LINK : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTp98tG7Io8
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Joel Pitra

I am a recent graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno studying Criminal Justice and Psychology. August 2010 was when I retired from racing downhill mountain bikes and picked up paintball. I got started at my school's team and played my first tournament with UNR in March 2011. Paintball media (namely, videos) has always sparked my interested because, unlike pictures, videos get you super pumped to go play. My home field is Capital Edge Paintball in Sacramento; when I'm not out there grinding and getting better, I film for local teams.

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