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NCPA College Paintball Team Interviews

NCPA College Paintball Team Interviews

One of my favorite paintball events to attend each year are the NCPA College Paintball National Championships. I’m not exactly sure why, but every since my first Nationals in 2009, I’ve been hooked. I remember as if it were yesterday. I rolled up with my flip camera in hand, nervous, and ready to interview as many college paintball club representatives as possible. 2009 was the year I launched Social Paintball and that was the first tournament event we covered, ever. I was able to interview a handful of paintball teams. They were all excited to get some video love, especially since it was something that no one had ever done before, not to the scale in which I did it. I put all of those videos up the next day. It was an instant success. All of those videos can still be seen on our YouTube channel.

[pullquote_right]My goal is to interview every single college paintball team in existence.[/pullquote_right]This year was no different, aside from the camera I was using. I was still nervous, yet excited. I’m not sure why I get that way. Maybe it’s knowing that these kids play college paintball for the love of the game. They play to win, they play for bragging rights, they play because they love it. I’m partial to college sports, mainly because I played high school and college football. I know what it’s like to play a sport you love and have no expectations aside from playing your best to beat the opponent in front of you. I digress.

So, here are a few more interviews from some major college paintball programs from across the nation. My goal is to interview every single college paintball team in existence. Until then, enjoy this years interviews. For those of you that I missed, I will get you next year. To watch older interviews, check our NCPA YouTube playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL33588CE357B1EB29.

Liberty University

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Gulf Coast University

West Point (Army) United States Military Academy

Northeastern University

Purdue University

Temple University

Texas Tech University

University of Connecticut

University of Alabama

University of Florida

University of Maryland

Kennesaw State University

For complete scores and standings check out www.ncpapaintball.com

Israel L.

I am the founder of Social Paintball. I've been a fan of the sport and admired paintball players for years. Together with my awesome team of producers and contributors, we produce a wide variety of paintball media. Stick around and let us know what you think.

  • ?
    April 15, 2012

    why no cal state long beach? is it cause they are sponsored by propaintball.com ?? >:D

  • E
    April 15, 2012

    Was hoping to see rutgers there, but great job and great idea 🙂

  • wei
    April 16, 2012

    No, still don’t see there is a utah team lol

  • Ray Sauce
    April 25, 2012

    Nice to see that the college level players are getting some recognition. I wish my local college had a team when I was younger. I still play regularly but it would have been nice

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