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HK Army Shredder Paintball Cleats and New PbFashion Video

HK Army Shredder Paintball Cleats and New PbFashion Video

HHHHHHHHHH!!! The new HK Army Shredder cleats are simply designed to give you everything you need in one shoe. No more need for a set of cleats for turf and another for mud. These bad boys are designed to give you the maximum traction no matter what. The spikes are built into the sole so there will be no more losing a spike mid game with these. SocialPB will be giving a more in-depth review once we get our hands on one soon.


3 colors to choose from: Red, Blue, and Grey/Black
8 High density spikes
Multiple areas of ventilation
Sock Liner for comfort
Air cushioned heel
Sizes 8-14

On top of the great design, HK is sponsoring teams like Dynasty, Russian Legion and Arsenal for 2012.

For more visit: http://www.hkarmy.com

Here is HK Army’s latest video:

Paul Forcier

I am quirky. I love the sport of paintball and writing about it is just a bonus to the few times I am able to play during the year. I have been involved in the sport for the past 11 years in one way or another and plan to keep on going.

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