Pros Sound Off On PSP Snake Side Coaching Change
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Pros Sound Off On PSP Snake Side Coaching Change

kyle spicka snake psp

No more pro field snake side coaching! Yes everyone, you have heard correctly! The PSP Pro fields have not only changed the rate of fire, they are now eliminating snake side coaching. We asked a few pros what they thought about this:

Jason Edwards of Tampa Bay Damage says: “I like the idea, it will finally prove that some snake side players are intuitive while others just wait for directions from their coach. It should separate the weak from the strong.”

Damian Ryan of LA Infamous says: “I personally feel that the PSP removing sideline coaching will be a positive change for the sport. I think that it will benefit and improve action and game play. Not having a coach that close will allow players to bring back creativity and individualism to their style of play and moves. Something I personally feel has been lacking due to the fact of everyone having a coach in their ear and becoming more “robot” with their play.”

Kyle Spicka, front snake player, of San Diego Dynasty says: “I think this new change will benefit my playing style greatly. I like taking big bites but frequently they are unrewarded because someone is pointing directly where I am.”

We’ve heard from heavy gunner, Jason Edwards; aggressive up the center player, Damian Ryan; and front snake player, Kyle Spicka. All three, very diverse players in the PSP. However, they all seem to think that this is a positive move in the PSP for pro players.

How do you feel?

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  • asdf

    Yes! I especially like the removeage of signs and sound devices!

  • Jim Zuur

    Glad they agree, this will definately seperate “the weak from the strong”.

  • austin

    Anything headed toward the complete banning of all coaching is a positive step in the right direction

  • James Johnson

    I agree thinking that this will bring more action. as a snake player nothing is worse than getting to make the big move but a coach calling you out before you close the deal. no coaching will truely seperate “the weak from the strong”

  • Kelvin Ian Pedro Gaffney

    This definitely will start seeing some better play, Show the true talent of the athletes rather then them just following orders.

  • Rick Fernandez

    Solid players do not need a snake side coach. It will be welcomed by pro-players. Paul Richards, please do it for D-1 as well!

  • Joao

    Looking forward to see more snake bunkering.