Giveaway: Empire Sniper Pump Paintball Marker
Social Paintball

Giveaway: Empire Sniper Pump Paintball Marker

Time for yet another Social Paintball giveaway. This time we’re giving away a Empire Sniper Pump Marker courtesy of the folks at Empire Paintball. We featured this loader in our Empire Sniper Pump Marker Overview and video above.


Who loves ya?!

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen. Entry is super simple. Just follow the instructions below. :) The more you do, the more entries you get. Good luck! Oh, and it’s worldwide, too!

  • sean

    Of coarse I would play with a pump!

    • Bill

      Pumps Rule the world.

      • Joey

        I used to play with my phantom a lot for the local 2/10 tournaments. But when I got into the CFPS I sold it to afford a tourney marker.

    • Austin

      I play pump almost exclusively :)

    • Chris

      Yes I would

    • chris

      would love to

  • brennan

    i do play pump

  • Matt

    Use to play pump all time. Then sold it love to get back into it!

  • RD

    I would certainly give it a shot, I’ve always felt like I’ve been missing a great experience.

  • Ken

    Already do!

  • Kendall

    I would play pump

  • Justin


  • Joel Peralta

    I want to play pump but scared to spend the money and not like it

    • Justin

      playing pump is so fun and accurate its totally worth it

  • Isaiah

    Yes! I use to to save money and got out of it, but i wanna get back into it. Ive been lookin for a new pump

  • Tom

    Who wouldn’t play pump….

  • Joe

    Would love to if I had a pump!

  • Kyle Clark

    I play magfed but play pump every once in a while

  • Ryan

    Hells, yea I’d play pump. I DO play it! would love to have a NICE one!

  • Joshua

    yes i would

  • Kevin

    Hell ya….I started out playing when a pump was all you had…..

    • Ken

      And man, I wish I’d never gotten out of it. I miss my old Trracer.

  • Jared

    Um Duh

  • Ryan

    Already play pump with a vsc phantom. Would be stoked to have a open class pump!

  • Greg


  • Mike Ryan

    Already play pump!

  • Matthew

    I love playing pump!

  • Jim

    I’ve always wanted to try playing pump.

  • Brandon

    Sure I’d play pump

  • Cody

    Yup, I’m one of the few, if not only, who doesn’t own a pump at the field I play at…

  • aaron stone

    already do, so yes

  • Daniil

    Yes! Helps me save paint and practice aiming!

  • michael

    i already do… play pump

  • tyler

    i would play pump.

  • Jack

    Yes I would.

  • Carlos

    Hell yea i would use a gun, the gun is as good as the player.

    • Carlos

      *use a pump

  • Brad

    I would, if I had this marker!

  • Mitch

    Of course I would!

  • steve brownell

    Yea i would definitely give it a shot!!!

  • Steve

    I’d love to play pump

  • Tom

    of course, all a part of paintball, and wouldnt be the same without it

  • matt

    play pump all day!

  • Justin Woodall

    I already do play pump!!

  • andre

    I always rock a pump. :)

  • Jordan Petzel

    For a free pump, I’d definitely play it

  • kalvin

    I would totally play pump if I had one!

  • Keenan

    Tottaly play pump

  • Tristan

    Heck yea i would play pump, in fact i do already

  • Micahel Meldrum

    I would love to play pump!

  • Chris

    I already play pump with a phantom :)

  • Iain

    Yes I would love to.

  • Jacob

    I would love to start playing with an awesome Empire pump gun

  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    I would play pump just no pump gun

  • Nick DeJong

    I’ve tried it a few times with my friend’s cocker and pump is friggin amazing, i would love to keep playing

  • kalvin

    I wanna get into pump.

  • Owen

    Always been curious about pumps, would love to try!

  • Daniel Zuniga

    Yes i would play pump

  • chris

    playing pump is one of the things ive always wanted to try out but never had the money to get a pump :/

    • Robert

      Yeah same here. This one is a really nice one too.

  • Joe Duarte

    I would love to give it a try

  • Lee Lake

    Ordered my first pump yesterday

  • alex harr

    I would play pump all day everyday

  • Dalton

    No but I want to really bad

  • Dalton

    No but I want to

  • Axel Garcia

    Friend and I have been wanting to go into pump for a while now, so yes, I would LOVE to play pump!

  • Randy

    Always wanted to play pump, now is my chance

  • Donald

    Heck ya i’d play with a pump gun, anything to play more paintball!

  • Ryan

    I’ve been dying to try pump for years. Every time a marker came up for sale locally, I never had the cash. Frustrating, to say the least.

  • Keith Horine

    pump play is amazing ofcouse i would play pump!

  • Keith Horine

    pump play is amazing, it takes i good shot you cant just spray on ramping, i love it, so yes i would love to play pump and already do!

  • Dakota

    Pump would change my life…

  • ALex Membreno

    Yes i would play pump

  • Brody Turton

    I would most definitely play pump, Money is a big issue and with a pump I wouldnt be shooting a much.

  • Fid

    Was seriously just thinking about getting a pump for the lols. They just look too fun. Can’t wait to use one.

  • Chien

    I already do play pump!

  • Bryan

    I love to play because it takes one ball with a pump and 22,0000 balls with a regular gun to kill off a player.

  • Wade

    Darn rights!

  • Ryan

    I will give it a try

  • Chris

    What is important is man skill, not electronics- love pump!!!

  • sean


  • Jeromy

    id play pump for sure, especially with an empire sniper

  • Drew

    Yes, of course!

  • JonnyJonny

    I do play pump.

  • chris

    Once I win this marker, I start playing pump games!

  • Oscar


  • Scott

    I would love to play pump

  • Kevin

    I only play pump!

  • Leo

    Pump is awesome. I would definitely play it.

  • Eric


  • Pat

    Of course I’d play pump, been playing nothing but pump/ stock class for right years now. Never with anything sniper/cocker based though!

  • Jason Brown

    Would love this marker so that I COULD play pump :)

  • Bart

    Ofcourse i would play pump!

  • Michael

    I always wanted to start playing pump. And also i know i will love this empire sniper pump.

  • Mat

    I’ve always wanted to try playing pump with a proper pump marker! This would give me something to use on the Mech walk-ons since the only markers I currently own are electros.

  • Martin Bell

    Yeah I think I would play pump if I had a pumpgun, I’d love to use it in woodsballs games, show that skill far outweighs 15 bps.

  • Ken G.

    Yes, I would.

  • Eddie

    Without a doubt

  • Dave

    I would play with this epic pump marker because pumps are the essence of paintball! And it’s awesome and fun!

  • Dave

    Absolutely! It’s awesome!

  • Sean

    Pump rocks! I would play for sure.

  • Chris

    As Joe Budden said. Pump, pump, pump it up.

  • George

    Just played my first pump game this past Sunday. It was fun.

  • BTS

    Every player should have 1 electro and 1 pump. Just the way it is. Pump is an amazing style of play!

  • Juan

    I’d play pump…if I had a pump.

  • Charles

    Yes! I would love to play pump! Played once before and it was so much fun!

  • John


  • jake

    I’d play pump!

  • George

    Pump paintball is the best paintball! Yes I would play!

  • josh

    Would love to try pump.

  • Ryan

    I only play pump!

  • Pete

    I play pump but would play more with this instead of my current VSC set up.

  • ryan smith

    yes i would defenatly play pump i am actually just getting into pump and this would be a great help.

  • Lokesh

    yes i would play pump

  • Gregg Moore

    Most definitely! I would play pump. A huge step up from the first time I played paintball in the woods of New Hampshire with a plastic Splatmaster.

  • Brian

    I play pump with an old school SL68II and would love to do it with a sniper.

  • Daniel

    I do play pump. Nice upgrade to the old autococker.

  • Josh Brunk

    I’d play pump for the fun of it, the ammo conservation, and the overall experience.

  • juan


  • Jonathan Cox

    I already play pump, and it’s great. Having a better pump means I can loan out my current pump to bring more people to play pump.

  • John A.

    I have been wanting to for awhile now.

  • Sean Y

    Playing pump just adds a whole new level of skill. I would love to play pump.

  • Jed

    I’d love to get back into pump. It’s how I originally learned and my only gun was a pump for 10+ years.

  • Chris Hill

    I’d TOTALLY play pump, especially if I had this Empire Sniper Pump

  • David Duarte

    Forsure !

  • mike j

    yes I would play with a sniper pump

  • Tam R

    Yup befo play pump

  • D1NO

    Pump is for pros

  • pumper9397

    Yes I would play pump! Pump is all I play!

  • Ian

    YES! Love pump play!

  • Zak King

    I would totally play pump!

  • Matt

    Only a couple times

  • rampantsanity

    have pump, will PWN.

  • Matt

    Sure pump is fun ;)

  • Jared

    I have never played, but would definitely enjoy giving it a try. It’s always amazed me to watch these pump players go up against electro’s and win!

  • Jeff

    I already do

  • Brandon

    Pump ball is the best ball

  • Anthony

    Sure would! Cool giveaway!

  • Mike Johnson

    yes but i always have to borrow an pump gun

  • Thai

    Of course I would play pump. Bring back the old school play style.

  • keagan

    I would play pump

  • Mike Mijares

    I’ve been playing with pumps!!!

  • Ole HH

    Yes I would

  • Dan

    Hell yeah I would play Pump

  • Dillon

    I do play pump and I will continue to!

  • Brian

    I definitely would play pump!

  • Tim B.

    Been looking to get into pump for a while now!

  • Jeremy Shell

    Yes I would!

  • Jeff

    Hell yes, I have wanted to try pump forever!

  • richard

    would I play pump? Yes, yes I would.

  • Nam Hoon

    Course i would.
    depends on what “pump” means O.o

  • Joey

    I have always wanted to play pump and think it would be awesome to use it when playing with newer players so HECK YES I WOULD PLAY PUMP!!

  • james

    PuMp Is Awesome

  • Nick

    I started out with a pump as my first gun when i was 13 years old. A Tigershark from Brass Eagle. Had a blast with that thing its what ushered me into paintball so hell yes I would play with a pump.

  • Hunter

    I’ve always wanted to play with a pump marker. The sniper aspect really appeals to me, instead of just having to spray paint everywhere.

  • Nolie


  • brick


  • Connor

    i would love to play with a pump!

  • Andrew Ramirez

    The pump players on the field are the ones who are most feared so yesI would play with a pump.

  • TheO

    Of course i would play pump! It is the best feeling when you gog a guy with 1 shot.

  • Ariel Arroyo

    Yes I definitely would play pump, It would be my first time but a awesome experience.

  • victor

    if I had a pump! all day play

  • Corey

    I do play pump…

  • William Lue

    I would love to play pump!

  • richard wells

    i am looking to get into pump play

  • Daniel

    Hell to the yes

  • Alex


  • Julian

    Yes , PUMP IS THE BEST!!! awesome to improve strategy and aim

  • James

    pump it up all day long

  • andrew

    All I play is pump…

  • Robert

    Yeah I would play with a pump, played with one once before and like the feel of it, wanted to get one sense

  • Sam Bingham

    I would absolutely play pump! I’ve played with the sniper before and I love it!

  • cole henry

    yes i love pump!

  • Tim Rodriguez

    I already play pump and i think its the best way to play paintball, the empire sniper pump would be a huge upgrade for me.

  • Rusty Thorn

    hell yes i would would play pump requires a little more skill than just blasting away hoping you hit something

  • sean nedelec

    would love to play pump. need pump gun first ;)

  • matty maverick

    with out a doubt pump rocks!!

  • Luis

    If I win, hell yeah, I would play pump!

  • Anthony Honor

    Would you play pump? -> Absolutely hands down.

  • Kevin

    I would love to play pump.

  • Vince

    If I could afford pump I would play pump

  • Brian

    I would play pump any day!

  • Ryan Smith

    Yes I would & I do

  • John Dellanno

    I would most definitely play pump, it seems to challenge a player to his/her utmost ability.

  • Armando


  • Kyle Wright

    Yes i would play with a pump

  • nicholas


  • Hayden

    Of course i would play pump!

  • Big Puncho

    Pump is awesome

  • Matt

    yes i would definitely play pump

  • Anthony

    Playing with a pump would be exciting!

  • Garret

    I would and will definately play pump. It brings a whole different aspect to the game, and has been some of my favorite times playing pb.

  • Jake

    playing pump is great, saves paint and adds a little more skill to the game. already have a trracer, looking to upgrade to a sniper

  • Bryan

    Always wanted to try pump, if I win this I totally would!

  • Angel

    All day!

  • Jacob

    Of course! Who wouldn’t?

  • Steven

    I would definitely play pump!!!

  • Michael

    Pump is the most pure way of playing paintball!

  • Jonas

    I’ve already tried, but I wanna control the EMPIRE!

  • Nicholas

    Pump are always fun to play with

  • Thomas

    Yes I would play pump

  • Ben

    yeah, more of a challenge and i could finally play sniper.

  • Alex

    yeah I’d play pump

  • Jason

    Pumping is second nature, been doing it since I was tweleve

  • vincent

    yes of course

  • manuel dionne

    i want too play pump but never try

  • Nathaniel

    Would definitly play pump! :D

  • knightmare

    of course

  • Alec

    Of course I would!! I never played it before, but I’d love a challenge on the field! I’m sure its not that hard anyway.

  • LawlessReaper

    I’ve never tried but would love to sometime.

  • Taylor

    I’ve played a pump automag in D2 PSP scrims but I don’t have a pump marker anymore :( Hopefully I win this one!

  • Showtime

    I would consider it

  • Rock

    YES!!! I already do but with a old autococker

  • Chad Gonsalvez

    Never tried, but it sure looks fun!

  • Nick

    I would LOVE A PUMP! It’s great for me!

  • Connor

    I’d play pump if I had a good pump gun, but the only good one is the empire sniper and it’s too exspensive for me :(

  • Jeroen

    HEll Ya I’d totally play with a pump! Especially Empire!

  • http://Facebook hello

    NO I WOULD NOT too much work
    #play with pump

  • Coby Rem

    Love empire. I have a mini and axe. I love playing pump, and I also need to add another gun to my empire collection.

  • Stephen Capuno

    Hell yeah i would play with a pump.

  • Erik Power

    I love playing pump. I tried out my buddies Empire pump and Ive wanted one since but havent bee anble to buy one cause lack of money.

  • Sean Enke

    I would love to play with a pump gun!

  • Dennis Santos

    YES of course I would play…I actually need to get back into playing pump

  • Cody

    Id love this beauty in my hands! But its a hard competetion to win in. Luck to all!

  • Shannon Fuhrman

    Never played pump, but I’d give it a shot

  • Vlad

    pump is awsome

  • plokom

    pump FTW!

  • Osborn


  • Carlo Lopez


  • david

    I would try pump, plus it is probably more awesome getting someone out with a pump anyway

  • Alexander Cabrera Zurita

    Yes definitely

  • Nik

    I would love to play pump!

  • Alexander Cabrera Zurita

    i love playing pump so much.

  • Alexander Cabrera Zurita

    Id actually use it every time i play paintball instead of using an electronic gun

  • Adriana

    I love paintball so much, specially with a pump gun.

  • Bashir Fadel

    yea, i love playing pump

  • Ricky

    Heck yeah! I love playing pump!

    • Edward

      Of course I play pump. Pump is throwing yourself in to a whole new, antique form of paintball. It teaches skills and promotes challenge and the thrill of overcoming a greater force.

  • richard wells

    i would love to try playing this way

  • wesley

    YES i play with one now but looking for a better one like the empire!!!! :D

  • wesley


  • Bryce

    I already play pump and would enjoy the chance to try out this one being offered.

  • Simon

    I already do play! It’d be nice to get a better pump though, I have an old beat up prostock with a cheap pump kit on it.

  • Cobe Wilson

    I would definitely play pump. I like pumps for their versatility.

  • Ryan

    I would defenetly use a pump

  • Bradley

    I do every now and then. Its a nice change of pace.

  • Ty Ethridge

    You dang right I’d play pump. Pew pew pew… MERICA!!!!

  • phillip

    I would and do have an old sl-68II, not one of the re-released ones

  • Joe

    I would give pump a shot

  • jennifer


  • greg

    i <3 pumps

  • Michael

    Of course I would play pump. Only the elite play with pump.

  • MattyT

    already do!

  • Zach G

    real pros do!

  • Eric

    I play nothing but pump, so yes I would play pump.

  • Danie

    Heck yeah I would play Pump! I’ve been eyeing a pump as my next marker and would love to win this!

  • Kevin

    Yes! I would!

  • James

    I have played pump before and I loved it.

  • Elliott Jackson

    I definitely would. It has advantages at SuperGame!!!!

  • Kyle Schmucker

    Yeah, I would. They just started pump nights at my local field and would actually like to try it out.

  • tara

    of course

  • jordan

    I try anything once

  • Glenn

    Pump is how I started in 1985! Of course I’ll play – I’ve been wanting to!

  • jason

    i used to play pump, but havent in a year or so. i would love to play it again!

  • Dave

    Played pump just yesterday…

  • paul

    yes love playing pump!

  • Michael Fisher

    I really want to play with a pump; I don’t have the money to afford one right now, though. I have been eying the Empire Sniper for a long while! I really wish I could win one!

  • matt


  • Joe Sobchinsky

    Play pump? Of course! Its paintball!

  • Liam

    Why would you not play pump?

  • nick

    No Doubt

  • Weston

    Yeah I’d play pump!

  • nick rezzonico

    No Doubt!

  • Jimmy

    of course I would play pump with this!

  • mike lukens

    if i had this gun i would

  • talen

    pump for days!

  • Shelby

    All the time!

  • Pierre

    I want to be able to afford playing twice a week, I really want to play pump!

  • J Eazle

    Play every chance I get

  • Joseph

    I would pump it all over the place

  • Robin Sonesson

    Played pump tournament last weekend

  • Bjorn

    I love breaking out the pumps with my team

  • Alex Daraban

    Yeah! I play pump now and its a lot of fun!

  • Jason Kibbe

    I would def play pump if everyone else did! :)

  • JB

    Of course I would play pump

  • Matt


  • Tyler

    Never have before but I really wanna try!

  • Mark

    Of course, but my Azodin Kaos Pump has taken a pretty good beating

  • Ryan


  • James

    Damn Skippy

  • Fafahrd

    yep, I starting at pump

  • Nico

    Well duh, of course I’d LOVE to play with a Pump. A nice change of pace…

  • Tino Rotellini

    i already do!!

  • Eric K

    Hell yeah!!

  • dylan

    Yeah I would

  • Tyler Riley

    I pump it up all day!!!

  • JoshB

    I already play pump, and I would love add this marker to my collection!

  • Jimmy

    I would totally play pump!

  • Jeffrey Hall

    most indefinitely

  • edgar

    I’d love to play!!

  • Bradley

    I played pump this past weekend and it was a blast! Yes I would gladly play it again!

  • Roark

    Would certainly do!

  • Steve

    yea definitely

  • Michael Burke

    Would definantly use a pump

  • guy with a dream

    i would play pump super duper hard

  • guy with a dream

    i mean i would play pump soooo hard

  • guy with a dream

    i would be like pew pew pew with a pump

  • guy with a dream

    i would play with a pump but i dont have a pump but if i did have a pump i would play with it

  • guy with a dream

    pump for the win

  • guy with a dream

    have to play with a pump

  • guy with a dream

    if it aint pump its wack, you know what i am saying

  • guy with a dream

    yes you know what im saying, i would play with pump

  • guy with a dream

    i would not play without a not not pump, but more like a pump

  • guy with a dream

    pump play would i

  • guy with a dream

    need da pump in my hands so i can own the feild

  • guy with a dream

    i would play with the pump, and the pump but not the oump, but instead the pump

  • guy with a dream

    pump is good for playing

  • guy with a dream

    to pump or not to pump, i would play pump

  • Greg

    Please I need a new marker all I have is a Spyder

  • Greg

    I would love a new pump I really need a new marker please pick me

  • Cole cascio

    It would be nice to have a new gun all I have is a spyder thanks for your time

  • cole cascio

    what do we do? it says read below but I cant find it.

  • Lisa Connell

    I don’t get what I need to do.


  • lapche

    i dont see what we have to do!

  • Nick Varga

    Cannot find instructions

  • Gregg Thompson

    The Sniper is amazing! Sure wish I was lucky enough to be like the other cool kids….

  • Gregg Thompson

    …..that are using the EMPIRE SNIPER PUMP!!

  • Austin Meers

    I cant find the instructions


    Dude playong with a pump is like hardcore. Like a pump v automatic/semiauto rounds that I have played with friends.


    Its just beast


    Like this site

  • NuKe

    It looks fabulous

  • Brandon Wilbert

    How do you enter

  • Brandon Wilbert

    I really hope I’m entered I’ve used a pump befor but if I win this will be my first marker ( but I’ve played with pumps befor barrowed from friend )

  • Onur Nayir

    Cant find the Steps to complete but i still hopy i can win the Empire Sniper.
    It will be my first Marker *-*

  • Patrick

    I’d love to have this. How do I enter?

  • Stephen Guerrero

    I would love to get into playing pump

  • Brysen Packer

    I’d like to shoot a sniper.

  • jacob posley

    I’ve been trying to get into pump but not enough $$$

  • Levi Evans

    If love to shoot one of them my honey badger AM-013 would like that on my shelf

  • Isaiah Moss

    I’m so hardcore man..

  • Jacob Huey

    Would love to have this never had a pump before and it would help with conserving ammo

  • Adrian Garza

    I want this!

  • Troy Hinson

    I need this

  • Troy Hinson

    How do u apply

  • Talon Stamper

    I have never had a paint ball gun but that looks so cool!!!!!! how do you apply?

  • Fredrico Supertramp Jones

    Pump drump. Slick

  • obamunist

    How do you enter?

  • Gregg Thompson

    Didnt even realize those have an auto trigger. I want one!

  • Tommy Hoy

    I thought those were only pump! Lol that’s cool they have auto trigger. Please can I have it haha