Paintball Podcast #1: 2013 PSP Dallas Open Predictions
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Paintball Podcast #1: 2013 PSP Dallas Open Predictions

paintballpodcastOur analysts, Byron Woodfork and Lawrence Abernathy, sat down to talk about the upcoming season and the PSP Dallas Open event. Within the podcast they make predictions and break down the highlight matches of the prelims.


  • kai clarke

    You simply cannot say heat will beat dyansty that easily as Dyansty beat heat at world cup. It was not a simple match up as you make it seem . Don’s speculate too much wait for the out come.

    • Chandler

      They just made a choice between 2 good teams assuming they just went with last years champs because their roster has not changed. they did not say it was an easy choice.

  • Lawrence

    Kai, what’s the point of this website, or Pbnation, or any sports media if you’re not allowed to speculate. Of course we are waiting on outcomes, but in our educated opinion Heat is the team to beat.

    It’s ok you disagree, that’s the point – but dont lock yourself, or us, into thinking that you can’t speculate. That’s a big problem in paintball that we are trying to fix.

  • Lawrence

    Also, we could talk for days on that match up. Our first edit was close to 2 hours, but we have a goal of keeping our shows under 30 min.