Breaking News: Tampa Bay Damage Signs Timothy "Raney" Stanczak, formerly of Los Angeles Ironmen
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Breaking News: Tampa Bay Damage Signs Timothy “Raney” Stanczak, formerly of Los Angeles Ironmen

Several hours ago Social Paintball was informed that Tampa Bay Damage has signed Timothy “Raney” Stanczak, formerly of the Los Angeles Ironmen. During the 2012 PSP campaign Stanczak finished the 33rd ranked paintball player in the world, and provided an excellent mid-field option for the rebuilding Ironmen during the second half of the season.

Also, this should come as no surprise due to the fact Raney has some prior experience with Tampa as he played with them during the 2012 NPPL Las Vegas World Championships, when a knee injury sidelined him. Joey Blute has stated that an official video release is forthcoming and will take place during an interview that Social Paintball is conducting with the team.

“After playing with Raney in Vegas last year we know he was a good fit. We are glad to add some one of Raney’s talent. 2013 is going to be good,” said Blute.

  • Trevor The great

    other than pax, ironmen officially have no more back players

    • Jake D

      I know you do not think that the rest of the team cannot play the back center position. Lets see who could play the back position aside from Pax. Steven Pitts, A-Rod, Eric Humphreys, Mouse and Marcello. Any one of those guys can lane off the brake and then be athletic on the bump out.

      • Trevor The great

        come to me when you see someone other than pitts or pax shoot someone off the break consistently this year…good luck!!! and if those guys are gonna be in back, whos gonna play front???something to think about there buddy boy

        • Jake D

          At least you had the foresight to pick one of the five I mentioned. Pax and Pitts play back not a bad option. I would say problem solved. Might want to drop a line to Hinman on that one.

    • chris

      Pax is worth 2-3 back players anyway!

  • rhino

    i think that this might be a good sign for damage