The New PSP Pro League: Champions & Challengers Divisions
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The New PSP Pro League: Champions & Challengers Divisions

The PSP has just unveiled their new Pro division rules. Things just got interesting. Read below for the information.

[quote]The level of talent in the PSP Professional Division is undisputedly the fiercest in the world. Teams from all divisions train week in and out to ultimately one day become a Professional team in the PSP. Actually making the advancement into Pro however, has historically been too large of a move for most teams to make.

The PSP would like to change this by putting a system into place for fresh teams to move into an even stronger Pro League.

The PSP Professional teams will compete against each other in the 2013 PSP Dallas Open. The top 10 teams from that event will move on to PSP’s Event #2 and play in the newly established Champions Division. They will perform on the main field for all the glory in front of thousands of fans watching from the webcast and the PSP grandstands.

The other Pro teams from the Dallas Open will be enlisted in a new division known as the Challengers Division. They will be joining other teams to be named at a later date. The group of teams in the Challengers Divisions will use the same format and rules, but play on a secondary Professional field during the prelims and will play their final match on the main field for all their fans to watch. Starting after Event #2, the top two teams from the Challengers Division in each event will move up and compete in the PSP Champions Division for the following event. They will be replacing the bottom 2 finishers from the previous event’s Champions Division, who will instead perform in the Challengers Division.

This system of constant circulation will continue event by event for seasons to come. It is now more important than ever for teams to give their all in each match – as they no longer have just one goal of winning the event – but must perform at their top in every game to make sure they do not suffer the consequence of being knocked out of the Champions Division. Likewise, the Challengers Division teams at each event have the option to perform and move up for the following event.

The fight begins March 14, 2013 at the PSP Dallas Open. Team Registration for all divisions opens soon at[/quote]

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  • Tam Do

    Sounds good! lets see some pro teams get bumped down!

    • Making no sense…

      What happens if an entire team gets struck by lightning?

      That’s never happened either, so no use worrying about it.

      • Phil

        Terrible terrible terrible move by the PSP. Smoke and shadows all day long. Watch NPPL stock rise. Business wise, sponsor wise, industry wise this is all wrong. Divisional player/spectator wise this opens just more pipe dreams that make the jump to pro seem easier for the everyday D3 player. Strong arm move by a league to boss the pro teams around and screw with their ability to sign contracts.

        • Willis

          Hah, yeah, can’t wait to see all the contracts people will get for playing the Not Pro Paintball League.

      • NPPL

        PSP now has promotion and relegation for Pros. NPPL has desperation for Pros.

      • Phil

        Promotion and Relegation will not exist in paintball ever. Its a dream. It is even more diluted now with the addition of more “pro” teams in an extended bracket all fighting for the same sponsorship dollars. The same issue that holds promotion and relegation back is funding to support a team in the pro division, no to be even wider spread. Who is to say that Team A will be able to stay together for a whole season, and who is to say the Team B is not. That is outside of the leagues control.

        • Trevor The great

          haha, did you seriously just say the nppl is going to excell off this? nppl is dead

          • John

            Tell me about all the NPPL events you played?

            • M


              There’s no arguing the PSP has more players. But the NPPL definitely put’s on a better show.

              • brian

                when was the last time nppl has a web cast? i think it was 09, more people like watching psp then the nppl, psp actually gets real fields with grass while nppl just rolls down turf in a parking lot

      • rain

        its a bad day to be a psp pro team.

      • M

        How do the event points work for the Challenger system? I can’t imagine you can incorporate points through both divisions… This wont work, and will hurt teams and their sponsorships.

        Ex. If Houston Heat wins E1, and E2, and bombs E3, do they get no overall points because they have to play E4 in Challengers? Instantly, they are out of the running for a Series title. That goes for any team.

        • what huh?

          Since when could a team lose an event and still get the series title? Since never.

          If you lose an event, you’re out of the running already. For example, if Heat had lost any event last year, Damage would have won the series.

          • M

            That was this season, It’s not always so black and white… Dynasty won an NPPL series title when Ironmen and Xfactor bombed. This will dramatically effect seed points for overall placements, even if it’s not first. But when we see teams like Vicious, for example, who have fought to be where they are today; you dont lose one event, you now lose 2.

      • Hinman

        Post your names so we can see who you are. Many pros have been playing for a long time and the competition for most of us is why we keep doing it. This is undoubtably is going to raise the level of competition. Most all of the pros that I’ve spoken with are happy about the change. Why is this now a NPPL vs PSP thing? The two are hard to compare anymore.

      • Adam E

        I think this is an awesome move for the PSP for three reasons.
        1)After the first couple of events it is going to level set the competition in the Champions divsion and ensure the highest quality of professional paintball is being showcased.

        2)It gives divisional teams the ability to work their way into the pro division via the Challenger Division without affecting the quality of the Champion Division. Having played D1 all of last year, I can say for sure that no team in D1 could have bumped up and been successful in Pro (as they existed). No dig on any of last year’s D1 teams I just feel that do to the format differences and the level of talent in the top half of the pro division no one could from last year could have made that jump, my team included.

        3)It gives sponsors the ability to level set their investments. Obviously if you are consistently maintaining a spot in the Champions division you are show casing your sponsors and deserve a higher investment.

        Any team confident in their ability to perform should love this. The teams that won’t like it are the ones that were diluting the pro division in the first place.