Giveaway: Virtue Spire Paintball Loader
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Giveaway: Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

Virtue Spire Loader HopperTime for yet another Social Paintball giveaway. This time we’re giving away a Virtue Spire Paintball Loader courtesy of the folks at Virtue Paintball. We featured this loader in our Virtue Spire Paintball Loader Overview and Internals video above.

Who loves ya?!

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen. Entry is super simple. Just follow the instructions below. :) The more you do, the more entries you get. Good luck! Oh, and it’s worldwide, too!

  • James


  • Alex Peabody

    Green and Black for sure!!!

  • CA_Tectonics

    Black :tup:

  • Ryan W.

    I would love any color, but my favorite is LTD Salt and Pepper. It’s friggin’ sweet!!!!!!!!!1

  • Andres


  • ricardo rojas


  • Chris Wakamatsu

    Black and Blue :D

  • David Glenn

    Would love a Blacl and blue spire

  • Warren Correia

    I’d have to go with red and black. Or red and blue like spidey, lol

  • Justin DiLeone

    Definitely Black with the yellow

  • Bryan

    Black and lime green!

  • Joel Lucca

    I would go with black and blue

  • Juan Nieves

    Let’s Win yeahhh PR…

  • Brian Richards

    Straight black, sleek and smooth

  • Matt

    Black and green

  • Abner

    Red and Black

  • Axel Garcia

    Solid Black.

  • Philip Ljoekjell

    All black.

  • Michael

    Black with Red details

  • Enrique Villacorta


  • Hisys Sanchez

    All black everything

  • Matt Bishop


  • Nathan


  • Ricardo

    I would love to see one of these puppies in Blue :)

  • Clayton

    Gotta say black, those things look sweeeeeet.

  • NoobwithMarker

    red :o

  • Dalton


  • Michael McCrory

    blood red!

  • Michael McCrory


  • Alejandro Lepe

    A combination of blue accents with a black shell.

  • Daniil

    White and purple!

  • G

    MULTI CAM CAMO!!!!!!!

  • G

    MULTI CAM CAMO!!!!!!

  • Ethan Phan

    i would love a all black virute spire!

  • Stephen Baime

    Definitely black with green. Or maybe white with black. Heck, its a spire. They all look awesome!

  • Kyle


  • Justin

    Doesn’t matter what color but it would be cool to get green with black or black and white

  • Michael

    White and black

  • Cody

    White and with Green accents.

  • Robin

    black and green cause they’re cool!

  • Kyle

    If i did really win, i would like it to be a surprise! any color :)

  • Kristian


  • Eric


  • Jim

    Black & blue would be sweet.

  • Eddy

    Black/Purple Virtue Spire FTW!

  • Faiz

    Black/Green spire please!!!

  • joshua


  • James


  • patrick

    black on black

  • sam

    I would rock a black one.

  • ian

    Black on black

  • Mervyn Leong

    White Red

  • Wade


  • Bjorn


  • Bart Hazell


  • Christian Rosario

    Black and Red

  • Keith

    White and blue

  • connor


  • Joel

    black and blue to match my pants

  • Jeffrey Hall


  • Brad

    Black & Blue

  • Brad

    Black and white.

  • Joey

    Black and green/ black and orange!!!!

  • Kyle Kohler

    Black :-)

  • Daniel Sprouse


  • Nathan


  • Jackson

    Black and Green!

  • Mauricio Barca

    black FTW! XD

  • Joe Muzzy


  • Julien

    I would like a black spire! Thx!

  • Fernando Zuniga

    Black and Lime green or Black and PURPLE!

  • Dennis

    Black and green would compliment my DP Fusion FX

  • Jorge P

    Red and blue

  • David Sanchez

    Red all the way!

  • Ricky Law


  • michael hanson


  • Brandon Day

    Black and Red!!!

  • Daniel

    January 29, 2013 at 11:59
    would love an all white Spire

  • Anthony


  • guy with a dream


  • guy with a dream

    black for sure

  • guy with a dream

    im not sure i think black

  • guy with a dream

    problaby black

  • guy with a dream

    i want black

  • guy with a dream

    gotta get dat black

  • guy with a dream

    need black or else i will explode into a furry of fluffy unicorn demons

  • guy with a dream

    in highschool, need better gear, still have a non electric hopper, need black electric hopper

  • guy with a dream

    has to be black for sure brosky

  • guy with a dream

    give a guy a chance, with a black one

  • guy with a dream

    and i choose a black one

  • guy with a dream

    i choose you, black Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

  • guy with a dream

    has to be a black Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

  • guy with a dream

    need a black Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

  • guy with a dream

    gonna keep posting untill i get the black Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

  • guy with a dream


  • guy with a dream


  • guy with a dream


  • guy with a dream

    i think it would be black

  • guy with a dream

    alein engineering in its finest, has to be black

  • guy with a dream

    please with sugar on top, make it blacker then the blackest abyse times infinity

  • Raul zavala

    I would love a black know, please.

  • Raul zavala

    All hail the black spire

  • Raul zavala

    Desperately need one of these

  • Raul zavala

    The spire is a thing of unparalleled beauty

  • Nick Varga

    OH please could really use this!

  • Nick Varga

    Purple and black

  • Nick Varga

    please I would be very grateful!

  • Gregg Thompson

    All of the Spires are AWESOME!

  • Matthew Olinde

    Lime and black

  • NuKe

    Black it is , keep it simple

  • Brandon Wilbert

    I could use a new hopper

  • Brysen Packer

    Blue or green would be sick.

  • Robert Van’t Hof

    Black would be nice:)

  • Ben Hiles

    I can’t find the instructions so I really really hope all you have to do is comment.I would love a black spire.It would be a giant upgrade from what I have.I would be so so so so great full if you chose me.I have always admired how sleek the profile is of this loader.I would be so thrilled if you would chose me.I am just a 14 year old kid that can’t afford a really good loader.Again I would be so great full if you chose me as the winner of this contest, I haven’t ever won one of these giveaways things so I don’t think it will happen this time but I’m still going to try. Thank you.

  • jacob posley

    any color preferably black and would be great

  • PrPaintball

    finally another hopper give away, black or pink would be nice

  • Isaiah Moss

    Yes Please Yes Sir

  • aka xIgloo

    Ok . I don’t have a lot of money I am a parent trying to get my kid out their wich is almost impossible because my family is in depth . Plz help me

  • Jacob Huey

    I can’t find the instructions but I would love to have a black spire, money is tight and it would be a great upgrade!

  • Adrian Garza

    I want this

  • Fredrico Supertramp Jones

    Blue is true

  • Gregg Thompson

    I would like to have a white one. I have always heard good things and would love the opportunity to own one.

  • josh anthony

    i would appreciate any color!! just want a spire to upgrade from what i currently have

  • Charles DjExus Pancari

    would love to move to the spire and away from the Rotor.

  • Tommy Hoy

    Would be really cool, I don’t have much money and I’m to young to get a job. Money seems to be really tight but purple would be the best for me