Confirmed: Valken Paint Will Not Be Distributed at PSP Events
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Confirmed: Valken Paint Will Not Be Distributed at PSP Events

PSP Events Paintball LogoWe previously reported that Valken paint would be sold at PSP events this year. We reached out to Lane Wright, PSP Chief Operations Officer, who confirmed that the PSP will not be opening its doors to the Valken paint truck in the 2013 paintball season. Wright has told us that he reached out to Valken with a paint sponsorship option which would allow Valken to sell their paint at every PSP event this season, and Valken declined that offer.

There are several rumors circulating as to why the deal did not go through, but we do not have any confirmed reasoning as of yet. The only thing that is confirmed is the fact that Valken recently signed a deal with the NPPL to be the exclusive paint vendor in attendance at their events.

What does this little ordeal mean for Valken exactly? Considering the fact that this is the second year in a row that their paint will not be in attendance at a PSP event, it does not look too good for their company, nor the teams that Valken sponsors.

At this point, this situation is full of speculation and hearsay. It may end up staying that way…

We are currently working on uncovering all of the facts before we provide further information as to why Valken declined PSP’s offer. With that said, what are your thoughts on the matter? Are you disappointed to see that the Valken truck will miss yet another dominant PSP season? Let us know!

  • Jacque

    Why is it bad for their company to not make a paint arrangement with PSP?

    • Israel L.

      Because their sponsored teams can not shoot Valken paint at PSP events.

  • Joseph Davis

    Yea, I am one of those sponsored teams and this sucks for us not being able to play in the PSP season.

    • bulzeye

      why can’t you play in the PSP? Gino already posted and said they would help any Valken sponsored team that plays PSP in the way of entry and airfare if need be. all you have to do is contact your local rep.

    • bulzeye

      Contact your Valken rep as Gino has already said they would help Valken teams with things like entry and airfare to make up for PSP screwing over Valken.

    • Making no sense…

      You’re a bit misinformed.

      PSP did not tell Valken they couldn’t be a paint vendor.

      PSP did tell Valken that the price for being a paint vendor exclusive to PSP is lower than the non-exclusive price.

      If you think that is somehow evil, don’t forget that Valken signed an exclusive paint vending deal with NPPL that *DOES* prevent GI and KEE from being NPPL paint vendors.

      If you want to be mad at someone for deals that keep paint vendors out of leagues, the only people you can be mad at are NPPL and Valken.

  • bulzeye

    Hey Israel it shows that you contacted Lane Wright and the PSP but did you even attempt to contact Gino or anybody at Valken? sure doesn’t appear that way in your article. Did you have to post this grossly biased article to get in good wtih Lane and the PSP boys since you got banned from NPPL? This article just looks like you’re getting down on your knees for PSP

    • Israel L.

      This was an update to the previous article we’d written.

      You are grossly incorrect.

      If you read the articled linked in the first sentence, which I will do you a favor and link here again (, you will see that I did my due diligence by contacting Gino.

      I had a conversation with Gino about this and shared his thoughts. The best I could do is present both sides of what I’m told and let the community make their own decisions. We’re not here to act as puppets to sway anyone.

      I take tremendous personal pride in being the ONLY independent paintball news and media outlet in this small niche of an industry. We are not owned by anyone and don’t do what anyone tells us to do.

      Before you sit behind your computer, give a fake alias, and question my integrity, please READ. That will save you from looking foolishly uninformed.

      Again, I take pride in what I do. Now please go read that first article…

      On another note, thank you for contributing your thoughts, as misinformed as they were.

  • Tom Cunningham

    “I take tremendous personal pride in being the ONLY independent paintball news and media outlet in this small niche of an industry. We are not owned by anyone and don’t do what anyone tells us to do.” ……

    The ONLY publication Israel? …. if I did not like Social Paintball I think I might be offended. The Catshack Reports is likewise independently owned and I have yet to have anyone step forward in industry or otherwise and TELL myself as Editor what and what not to publish. Enough said…..

    • Kelly Pistol Brennan

      First – as a writer with The Catshack Reports I have to go with Tomcat. We are also an independent and as a writer I can tell you we’ve never been told what to write, how to “swing” an article, or who to “kiss” up to. We pride ourselves on writing honest and positive work. NOT saying you do any of that either.

      Secondly – the whole thing has a stink to it if you ask me; but I am truly hoping the truth comes out. This does suck for Valken teams, BUT because Valken is the company it is those teams should not be affected too much. Personally when Valken stepped up and said they would help their teams attend events that Valken was clearly not welcome at it spoke volumes to the type of company they are. Perhaps more teams should be moving over to Valken!

      • trayman

        Valken sponsored and glad to be exclusively playing NPPL this year. Getting a little tired of PSP and their fanboy following that believe they “are paintball.”