Video: Machine Vapor Paintball Gun and Hopper at 2012 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open (MAO)
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Video: Machine Vapor Paintball Gun and Hopper at 2012 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open (MAO)

I was on location at the 2012 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open (MAO) being held at OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD and caught up with Tony from Machine Paintball to give us a quick look at the new Machine Vapor. He also hints at a new Machine Hopper…

The Vapor retails for $1650, to Learn more visit:

  • Tyler

    now i know

  • Bullwinkle

    Looks like a luxe

  • Peter

    wow nice

  • Bluey Care Bears

    I thought this was to revolutionise Paintball guns… > just another Lux and cashing in, sure it`s an alternative to others but I can get 4 x Empire Axe`s for the price of a Vapour and all shoot equally as good, in fact I prefer the Axe anyway.

  • It is NOTHING like a luxe

    And you guys complaining about the price you do have to remember what you’re getting with that, 4 barrel back (most companies only do 1 or 2), 2 triggers ( most if not all companies only give you 1), and you get the hopper when it comes out!

  • Magilla Gorilla

    For a marker at this price point and target audience, I would have to say that overall, this marker needed more QA before they unleashed it on the public. If you read the PBNation thread on the Machine Vapor (in the Miscellaneous Markers section), there seems to be more owners asking for Tech help for these guns than any other marker I’ve seen on any of the forums. Now, while that might mean the Techs are very good at customer service (because most owners seem to be very grateful to the techs who fix their issues), it still means you’ve got a $1650 marker that had problems right out of the box (for some). If I had this many problems with a new car, for example, I’d have taken it back, got my money back, and gone to a different car manufacturer. If my Planet Eclipse markers had issues like this marker seems to be plagued by – I would’ve demanded my money back and purchased something from Luxe or Bob Long, or maybe Dye. All the great Tech and Customer Service can’t save a company whose main product (and only product thus far – disregarding their claims of a branded, matched hopper to be released “some day soon”) has its quality called into question – and like Forrest Gump said, “…you never know what you’ll get” when you take your Vapor out of the box for the first time.

  • Ferdo

    Nice gun…

  • Paintball

    Nice Paintball Gun