Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle Review & Giveaway
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Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle Review & Giveaway

Justin reviews the Empire E-flex paintball goggle system. He also shows how to change the lens. We’re going to be giving this item away.

Who loves ya?!

You have multiple chances to enter, just see below.

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen on August 1st. Entry is super simple. Just follow the instructions below. :) The more you do, the more entries you get. Good luck!

  • devin


  • killian white

    id totally rock one of these in a tournament!

  • paul kiefer

    I would wear this goggle in FINALS

    • paul kiefer


  • Alexandre

    id rock any empire gear ate any moment!

  • poop


  • B

    I would love to wear these in a tournament. Seen alot of guys that like these at my field already.

  • Noah

    yes i would, they would be amazingg!

  • z

    I’d use it, looks pretty nice

  • http://www.facebook.com/orla16 orla


  • Isaac Ramirez

    I will rock it and take a picture of me wearing it in action!!! :D

  • Jeremy Dolcourt

    Yea I would!

    Why would anyone make this a shelf queen?

  • greekdx

    I tested this mask in the millennium and would use it in a tournament any day

  • Devin

    I would love to use these goggles in a tournament!

  • jeff ewing

    yes I would

  • alex

    i would use the e-flex in a tourny

  • Enrique villaocrta

    yes i would

  • http://socialpaintball Alex Wong

    This thing is amazing. Of course I would use this mask in any paintball situation.

  • C. Lee

    Hell yeah I’d use this mask in a tournament. It would be the only mask I’d use for every paintball day.

  • Ferdo Livadic

    Love to have one of these

      • hth

        Would it if it fits my face well

      • jasson

        i would use them every weekend

      • James Moeller

        yeah i would wear them

      • wei

        If u guys don’t like this, then let me win it lol

      • Taylor

        Definitely would use this mask in a tourney!

      • wei

        give me that give me that :D

        • wei

          it’s not about the mask, it’s about the skill ;D

        • wei

          i have a feeling….. i am gonna win this lol

        • http://socialpaintball Vanessa Wong

          Of course i would use this!!

        • Jack

          Yes I would love to use this in a tournament!

        • Brad Luscher

          I would were this in a tourny.

          • UssFoxCG33

            Yes. Yes I would.