Exclusive Planet Eclipse GEO3 Embers Photo
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Exclusive Planet Eclipse GEO3 Embers Photo

Planet Eclipse just sent us over an exclusive photo of their brand new GEO3 Embers paintball marker.

What do you think?

  • Adam

    That is sooo sexy!

  • Enrique Villacorta

    so Excited

  • james moeller

    i want this so bad lol

  • Peter

    SICk GEO!

  • Taylor

    looks great

  • wei

    Look how beautiful this gun is!!! Socialpaintball should post more pictures like this :D

  • http://www.care-bears-uk.com Bluey Care Bears

    Got to say that Embers 2 colour match is top notch, maybe I should treat myself to one.

  • Ferdo Livadic

    Great stuff especially this scheme…