2011 Oklahoma D-Day Paintball - Utah Beach
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2011 Oklahoma D-Day Paintball – Utah Beach

Oklahoma D-Day 2012 is coming up soon! To get you pumped up, here is the start of Oklahoma D-Day 2011 Utah Beach Allied side featuring units 4th ID and 101st Airborne. This video is brought to us by our correspondents at DYNAMICTECH.

  • James Moeller

    i want to do that so bad

  • wei

    Can u image 100 guns are shooting at your direction?? lol

  • Enrique Villacorta


  • http://www.care-bears-uk.com Bluey Care Bears

    over here in the UK last month was what is called the BIG GAME where 3-4 thousand play, all at once. Now that`s a Game and a fantastic day out. and It`s played once every year.

    • Trevor from 3RA

      yah but last year it was about 3000 people there and it was all at once too and it was like 270 acers. now its like 350 acers and honestly its amazing just too much cheating…. wish they could hire more refs.

  • Ferdo Livadic

    Would like to go one year… :(

  • James Moeller

    love this

  • James Moeller

    love this its so sick

  • ma10460

    SP is my new home for all things PB!!


  • wei

    SOOOOO many mindle fingers lol

  • jesus

    this is nice i wish i can go maybe next year

  • zack

    when is it i forgot