San Diego Dynasty Wins 2012 Millennium Series, Bitburg European Masters!
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San Diego Dynasty Wins 2012 Millennium Series, Bitburg European Masters!



This weekend the Millennium series held their second event in Bitburg, Germany which drew 180 teams from across the globe to compete. Other than the play, the event made international headlines as Hugo Domingues, a player for Portugal team Lisbon Beneficia, assaulted a Polish referee in the referee tent. Rumor has it the player was banned from the event and will not be in attendance for the next, but we cannot confirm that at this moment.

However, the event was able to ignore the distractions and continue on with uninterrupted play, with American team San Diego Dynasty beating Frankfurt Syndicate (5-1) to win the CPL division. This victory has solidified them as the number one team in Europe by sixteen points, ahead of Art Chaos Moscow in second. Notably missing from the podium this event – and for their third event in a row: GI Damage Montreal (aka Tampa Bay Damage).

Complete Scores with Series points totals

Champions Paintball League:
1. San Diego Dynasty (188)
2. Frankfurt Syndicate (104)
3. Ramstein Instinct (120)
4. Art Chaos Moscow (172)

Semiprofessional paintball League:
1. Polar Bears Tarko Sale (118)
2. Dogs D Amour Thessaloniki (188)
3. Hellwood Paris (176)
4. Drammen Solid (108)

Division 1:
1. ML Kings Prague (200)
2. Gold Coast Dijon (167)
3. Izmir Collision (193)
4. Caracas Fusion (109)

Division 2:
1. Aggression The Hague (185)
2. NPP Valenciennes (171)
3. Bad Boys Oss (89)
4. London Relentless (179)

Division 3:
1. Neon Crew 62 Rellingen (100)
2. Nijinhas Sao Paulo (120)
3. Evil men Toulouse (132)
4. Maxs Family Frankfurt 2 (160)

European Ladies Championship:
1. France
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. Poland
5. Austria
6. Great Britain

Next on the calendar for the Millennium Series is the London Masters event, which occurs June 29-July 1, just in time for the London Olympics and the BBC Proms! Congratulations to all teams involved in the Bitburg event; stay tuned to Social Paintball as we continue to cover the entire 2012 Millennium Series.

  • wei

    Good job :)

  • James Moeller

    grats dynasty

  • Peter

    Beast Dynasty Great Job

  • wei

    i wonder if u guys can show what their gun are using :D

  • Enrique Villacorta

    Now if they can only get first in psp or nppl

  • wei

    Why lots of teams like to use RED color on their jersey???

    • Luís Oliveira

      In this case, red is the color of all Sport Lisboa e Benfica (best known for its football team)

  • Bluey Care Bears

    Red is regarded throughout the World as being the most lucky colour