Living Legend V: Results
Social Paintball

Living Legend V: Results

Viper Paintball has announced the winner of Living Legends V. A spreadsheet error lead to an initial error in the winner announcement for Living Legends V, held at CPXSports this past weekend. For a full explanation and complete score breakdown click through to the official posting results here on TechPB Living Legends Forum


Horde FTW! Thanks to all the players, teams, staff, and everyone for this awesome event! Social Paintball’s fledgling scenario team participated on the side of the Horde in their first event! We hope to attend more in the future. Special thanks to pbRiot and Hustle Paintball for their support of Social Paintball’s team.

  • Ferdo

    Go horde…

  • James Moeller

    was fun

  • Peter

    I Like the LOgo

  • Enrique Villacorta

    wish i could have gone