Miss December 2011 - Stephy C. / Mariela Henderson
Social Paintball

Miss December 2011 – Stephy C. / Mariela Henderson

A Social Paintball Paintmate is a female model featured on Social Paintball as Paintmate of the Month, they are not necessarily life-long paintball players. Rather, they are new to the sport and have shown a liking to it.

Stephy C. / Mariela Henderson is Miss December 2011.

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Filmed on location at Blitzkrieg Paintball in Tampa, FL.

Photography by Jon Schanz, Falcon-Punch.com.

Mature Audiences only.

Music: Get If Off, Triple X


  • Ben Chierici


  • Jamestwdm

    she’s hot

  • Bryce

    Now THAT! is how ya sell a product!!!!!

  • PB_DirtyBunny

    I must be a sad old man but I miss Keely, Lisa Harvey and Chelsea O’Brien.