Giveaway: GOG eNVy Paintball Marker
Social Paintball

Giveaway: GOG eNVy Paintball Marker

Time for yet another Social Paintball giveaway. This time we’re giving away a GOG eNVy Paintball Marker courtesy of the folks at GOG. We featured this marker in our Family Paintball series video. Since our previous giveaway went off without a hitch, we figured we’d get you another item ASAP. This GOG eNVy is slightly used, since we had to review it, but it’s in great condition. Stay tuned for more items for our brand-new Loyalty Rewards Program we’ll be giving away markers, loaders, gear, filming, and way more!

Who loves ya?!

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen. Entry is super simple. Just follow the instructions below. :) The more you do, the more entries you get. Good luck!

  • dalton


  • Joseph Toal

    of course!

  • Jase


  • Dylan

    In a pinch

  • Alex Soto

    I was always a Smart Parts fan so the GoG stuff is awesome! I would use this in a tourney cause if social paintball is giving it away, it must be sexy

  • alex


    • chris kontos

      of courseeeeeee

    • bradchills

      I’d use it as a backup in a tournament

    • chris kontos

      very good giveaway

    • chris kontos

      keep up the good work! !

    • chris kontos

      social paintball rocks!!

    • chris kontos

      Go social go!!

      • Israel L.

        The contest is Worldwide.

    • chris kontos

      sociaaaaaaaaaaalllllll paintbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll
      you rock ! ! !

    • chris kontos

      worldwide contest that rocks! !!
      yeah baby! ! !

    • Bradyen

      I would use this in a tournament, for sure.

    • valve company

      nice show

    • chris kontos

      time is klicking! ! !

      • chris kontos

        day 0 is close! !

      • chris kontos

        can’t wait for the end! !

      • chris kontos

        3 days left! ! Can’t wait

      • mark

        so cool if I can win won ……..all the way in India….

      • Hsin-wei

        This gun is so pretty!! I want one :D

      • chris kontos

        day 1 is closeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Max

        100% yes!

      • matthew


      • wei

        come on, let’s give out more prize like this :D

      • tommy moosman

        i would love gog envy because i feel like i deserve it the most because i have been working for one but i dont have alot of time to work with all of my high school studies in the way. pls help me out!

      • Tyler

        i want that bad

      • Tyler

        so cool

      • Brandon Wilbert

        Omg I really wanted to buy this gun but I don’t has the $$$

      • Brandon Wilbert

        I would use in tournament every time

      • jacob posley

        I wish