Official 2012 Russian Legion/Boston Red Legion PSP Roster
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Official 2012 Russian Legion/Boston Red Legion PSP Roster

The Russians are back with their familiar faces. And some new ones… Many will say this is a new Russian Legion team with new faces and a ton to prove to the world due to the recent exodus of some of the teams core players. Despite that, the Russian Legion Paintball Club is going to be a very dangerous opponent for anyone who dares take the field against them. They’re always a vicious team to face and can methodically pick apart even the best team on their best day.

2012 Russian Legion/Boston Red Legion PSP Roster:

Aleksandr Berdnikov, #11, Russia
Vasiliy Panteleev, #12, Russia
Kirill Prikhidni, #75, Russia
Denis Golev, #14, Russia
Evgeny Zakharov, #7, Russia
Vladislav Yanushevskiy, #19, Russia
Pavel Lukashuk, #69, Russia
Alexey Berdnikov, #10, Russia
Pavel Karsliev, #92, Russia
Jason Wheeler, #89 United Kingdom of Great Britain
Axel Guadin, #91, France
Marcello Margott, #33, United States of America

Will this team keep the Russian Legion on the podium?

    • Israel L.

      Thanks for the heads up. The translation engine on that fooled us. Glad to have loyal fans like yourself that can help us!

  • Jason P

    Cool. But i have 1 question. What ,14 years old boy doing in PRO league with Russian Legion.

  • Tom

    It’s just, United Kingdom or Great Britain not both.

  • Alejandro Fermin

    that Berdnikov kid must have some crazy talent, 14 years old and playing on RL O_O

  • Jason P

    I know that kid played in millenium youth cup and he won it. I want to see how KID will play :D. Does he realy going to play or he will be in a pit zone ?

  • Many

    WTF kid play in RL ? Are they serios ?

      • mdb

        i saw that kid #10 play once when he was 10 , he was a beast then