Paintball Done Wrong in Hollywood, Again, in "This Means War" Paintball Scene
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Paintball Done Wrong in Hollywood, Again, in “This Means War” Paintball Scene

There is a new movie being released this month that features a paintball date scene and like in most Hollywood films, safety is not paramount. The scene shows Tom Hardy’s character being “that guy” as he attempts to impress Reese Witherspoon’s character. He jumps around, performs various stunts without proper paintball mask protection and even “takes out” a group of paintball playing kids.

What do you think?

Watch the official trailer below along with a behind-the-scenes clip of director McG and actor Tom Hardy taking a paintball to the butt on the set of the movie.

“This Means War” is set to release on February 14th.

Storyline: Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

Reese Witherspoon
Chris Pine
Tom Hardy
Chelsea Handler

“This Means War” 2012 Official Movie Trailer – Paintball Date Scene

Below, Tom Hardy (actor) and McG (director) take a paintball to the butt on the set of “This Means War.”


    • Israel L.

      Good point.

    • Dakota Murray

      that is a great point but by them not wear masks it may make some people think that you dont have to wear them and may make them think the sport is unsafe.

  • steve davidson

    Early last year I encouraged the producer/director of Splattered (an indie film) to place a disclaimer in the credits of his moving stating that paintball safety gear is required for safe play and that the actors were actors in a film that for various artistic reasons did not always follow the safety guidelines.

    It is, so far as I know, the only such safety disclaimer in a full length feature film depicting paintball.

    Paintballers often diss Hollywood over their depiction of the game, feeling that it often denigrates our game, doesn’t show it accurately and rarely mentions safe play.

    This is not because Hollywood hates on paintball. It is because film makers have different goals than paintball players.

    What is missing is dialogue (my case will hopefully influence others, but I doubt it will have any real lasting affect). And there is no dialogue because while Hollywood can be talked to in the aggregate (there are numerous organizations from the SGA to the Ratings board), paintball has yet to deliver a strong, respectable and involved industry organization.

    Until paintball can ‘talk’ to other industries on a level playing field, this kind of thing will persist.

    • Israel L.

      I recall that. Well said…

    • Shannon Taylor

      Join the club!

  • aaron kneppar

    From a filmmakers perspective:

    I’m proud to report myself as part of the crew that insisted on not only enforcing safety while shooting our movie (to this day the first and only professionally produced film about scenario paintball), we dedicated an entire section to showcasing safety. I think we proved that with a dedicated film crew and even a modicum of respect for both the actors and the sport a filmmaker can show enough recognizable features that one CAN distinguish who is who under a paintball mask. Yes, it took some extra sound and creative engineering to work in the conditions we worked. Yes, our sound engineers had to develop new techniques on location to p/u professional quality sound. Yes, I think we proved it can be done -> and we were just a small budget independent film. No, we did not have any big name or even real actors, so I suppose there may be an “ego” factor we didn’t have to consider. Oh, and yes, we only used “real” paintballers on camera, and the only game footage we used came from a real live scenario game! Long Live the West Point Combat Classic!

    • Israel L.

      What he said. Thanks for contributing Aaron. We need you back!

  • get.lit.up

    Hollywood, only good for making paintball an unsafe sport and taking away our internet. Some people these days need to be injected with cancer and die painfully from it

    • Shannon Taylor

      I love this scene! It’s one of the best!!