J-Rab Seeking to Form his Own Pro Team?
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J-Rab Seeking to Form his Own Pro Team?

Rumors are swirling that Justin “J-Rab” Rabackoff is looking to form his own professional paintball team to compete in the PSP Series for 2012.

As most of you may know, Tampa Bay Damage recently announced that Rabackoff will be competing with them in the PSP and NPPL tournament series. Prior to this announcement, Rabackoff had been on the Russian Legion for several years.

We reached out to Rabackoff about this and he had this to say: “No. I’m on Damage.”

  • Brad

    Hope he does make one. It would be one bad ass team!

  • andrew fillingham

    if he does it will be a very powerful team with justin at the helm

  • mike baughman

    If he doesnt make his own team damage will just be that much better having him!!!

  • wiley stewart

    well i think it would be good for the sport but i think it would most likely drive jrab insane with stress of all it will take to do this. I am glad to see him and the beast ripping it up on the same team goodluck next season guy and i will see you in phx and hb laters


  • Nate

    Considering he said he isn’t… I’m going to say he isn’t.

  • Andy

    Sweet! I wanna join!!!

  • Moon

    This photo looks awfully familiar. You cut out the best part when you ‘shopped it.

  • Ryan

    I hope he does make one it would be an indestructible team.

  • http://www.justinrabackoff.com J Rab

    Just gonna be on damage guys. Not making my own team!

  • Jason

    Wish you were making a team. One of my fav players. I would come tryout for that team in a heartbeat.